ACECQA – The Educational Leader Resource

Educational leaders are highly valued and instrumental in establishing, maintaining and continually improving quality education and care for Australia’s children. This resource has been developed to help clarify what is expected of this important role (Part One), show how it

ACECQA Information sheet – QA7 The role of the educational leader

FDC Approved Provider Compliance Responsibilities – ACECQA

ACECQA Approved provider compliance responsibilities under the National Law and National Regulations

ACECQA – Governance and leadership – Introduction

ACECQA – Educational leadership videos

ACECQA – Exceeding the NQS

ACECQA – Educational Leader Resource Addendum for Family Day Care

ACECQA Information sheet – QA7 Educational leadership and team building

ACECQA – FDC Materials

Guidance material for family day care providers, nominated supervisors, coordinators, and educators to support the sector to understand their legislative responsibilities and the provision of high quality education and care across the family day care sector.

ACECQA – Tips on regular meetings and reflective sessions